International Markets –
Export / Import

International business has become an everyday fact of life to even the smallest businesses today. The Internet has rocketed global communications while shipping has grown faster and price pressure from low cost countries has intensified.

In the international marketplace, the 1st Nebelus Group navigates cultural barriers, language problems and time zone complications for you.
  • Building an International Strategy
    We want to be involved in the research, analysis and execution phase. Our goal is to determine your requirements, coach your people, develop your optimum strategy and to be there when you need the most support.
  • Project Follow-up & Local Adaptation
    Your products must sell to the local client operations and even when you buy foreign products, local issues must be understood. We can help you understand how to solve the problems in dealing with different countries.
    1. When exporting, we’ll help you build a foreign sales force with materials translated into the local language and produced in the appropriate format. We’ll help you manage investments, delivery schedules and other control strategies. Haven’t been as successful as expected till now? Let us troubleshoot and solve your problems. They may be minor.
    2. When importing, we’ll help you establish partnerships, correct pricing and payment terms, shipping protocols, quality assuranceprograms and more.
    3. In general, we can interpret local laws and contracts, explain cultural differences in business etiquette and show your team how to proceed confidently in foreign environment
Follow Up
We stay involved throughout the market development process. We monitor the implementation process, evaluate the success and maintain contact on a regular base for future assistance. We like to establish long-term relations with our clients.
The 1st Nebelus Group navigates international markets
for your highest profitability overseas.