Interim Management

Most small companies are familiar with temporary agencies to supply them with a receptionist, an administrative temp, etc but have yet to discover Interim Management and the very real benefits to be gained from the use of “Temporary Executives”. These professionals have the desperately

needed specialist skills, insight and experience that might not be available in your company.

Interim managers can successful offer support and guidance to:

  • Bring new direction to a project
  • Teach & coach staff
  • Implement an important business opportunity
  • Lead when managers are fully stretched
  • Troubleshoot and problem solve for better performance
Interim managers fill the gaps caused when a key member of your management team is absent. Because time is money, it’s important that major projects continue to move forward until your manager returns or you locate his replacement.
We will work closely with you to understand your perspective on:
  • Your “project” – Past, Present, Future, and your goals.
  • Your people – who they are, their positions, and most importantly, how you believe we should communicate, cooperate with your team, to help improve the company.
  • Your challenge – what we have to achieve, and how success will be measured.
The 1st Nebelus Group helps you maintain profitability with
innovative interim management strategies when key players are out.