Export / Import

Do you wonder what’s going wrong in your export / import or why the profitability you imagined isn’t there? Are there times that you know that you’re on the right track but you just can’t nail the one thing that makes it run like clockwork?
Do you ask yourself questions like?
  1. Do we have the right people for that foreign market?
  2. What is our niche in the market? Are our products, pricing and distribution
    mix a good one?
  3. Who supplies the market knowledge and how reliable is that information?
  4. Can we do better if we invest more money or should we invest smarter in a pilot market?
  5. Why do others seem to do better? Is that just a nice story and at what
  6. Do we recognize every opportunity abroad? How?
  7. How can we get a better grip on our distributors, sales organization, our
    dealer network?
These are important questions to ask even when you have been in a foreign market for some years. Business managers need to take a step back once in a while. The time spent is well worth the fresh perspective you will encounter.

Changes in export or import strategies are as essential to a company as a systematic approach to define the opportunities and risks in the local market. You can be confident that an improved strategy will have the desired results. Your new approach may mean changes and risks and we will assist with that too.
Business Solutions
  • Verify market research and export/import plan
  • Redefine the opportunities
  • Suggest alternative marketing strategies
  • Distribution - Trouble shooting & problem solving
  • Organization improvement / Teambuilding
Assessing risk to those solutions:
  • Identifying resistance to change
  • The cost of lowering risk
  • Specific steps to reduce and/or eliminate resistance
Most often, many of the solutions are already at hand within your company. Our job is to uncover these solutions and work them into the right export/import concept, products, partnerships or even suggest people for your organization.
We are direct but sensitive to company politics and work to protect the integrity and reputation of individuals as well as the organization as a whole. This can happen through coaching, mentoring, or even the temporary assumption of a leadership role.
The 1st Nebelus Group has everything you need to turn
troubleshooting into a strategic opportunity.