Change Management

Do you wonder what’s going wrong in your company or why the profitability you imagined isn’t there? Are there times that you know that you’re on the right track but you can’t nail the one thing that makes your organization work like a charm?

Do you ask yourself questions like?

1. Do I have the right set of people, with the right skill set, or do I have to make changes?

2. Do I recognize every opportunity in the markets?

3. Who supplies the market knowledge and how reliable is that information?

4. Can I do better if I invest more money?

5. I have cash flow problems. Why do others seem to do better? Is that just
   a front?

6. What is my niche in the market? Is my product, price and distribution mix a
   good one?

7. How can I get a better grip on my employees? Their wasted hours?

8. Why do I train people only to see them move on?

9. Can I do better with a strategic alliance, as franchiser or in overseas

10. What will be the effect on my company if I implement the technical
These are important questions to ask even when business is great. Businesses owners, managers need to take a step back once and a while. The time spent is well worth the fresh perspective you will encounter. Your new approach will mean changes and risk. That’s where we can help.

Change management is a systematic approach to define the opportunities and risks associated with implementing new strategies. We look at the organization and the individuals involved to make the transition seamless and effective. You can be confident that our recommended strategies will have the desired results.

Business Solutions
  • Higher efficiency
  • Different product lines
  • Alternative market approaches
  • Trouble shooting
  • Organization Improvement / Teambuilding

Assessing risk to those solutions:

  • Identifying resistance to change
  • The cost of lowering risk
  • Specific steps to reduce and/or eliminate resistance
  • Effective introduction of changes
  • Evaluation and adjustment
  • Evaluation

Most often, we have found that the solutions are already at hand within your company. Our job is to discover these solutions and work them into the right concept or person for your organization.

We are direct but sensitive to company politics and work to protect the integrity and reputation of individuals as well as the organization as a whole. This can happen through coaching, mentoring, or even the temporary assumption of a leadership role. The Nebelus Group has everything to turn crisis management into a strategic opportunity.

The 1st Nebelus Group has everything you need to turn crisis management
into a strategic opportunity.